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Roster for 2019 Full.

If you want to be but on waiting list, please email Coach Wohlmuth


Direct Shopping Links for Throwers

Throws Equipment Shopping

Direct Shopping Links for Throwers

Get the best deals by using links below. Order close to home or from around the world!!

Shopping For Throwers

The following are direct links to throws equipment suppliers.

Athletic Chalk Ball:

Wrist Wraps:  

Shot Put


  1. Shot Put: 7.26 kg -

  2. Shot Put: 5.4 kg:

  3. Shot Put: 4 kg -

  4. Shot Put 3.6 kg -

North America

  1. Shot Puts: 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7.26kg :  

  2. Shot Put 8lbs:  

  3. Shot Put 4kg, 5kg, 7.26kg:

  4. Shot Put 7.26kg:   or  

     Shot Put Shoes

  1. Shot Put Shoes:  

  2. Shot Put Bag:  

  3. COOL !! Shot Put Shoe Bag:

From the United States


Shot Puts: 4kg:

Shot Puts: 4kg, 5.45kg (12lbs), 7.26kgs (16lbs)


Europe / UK


  1. Shot Put: All sizes at:

  2. Shot Put / Discus Shoes:





  1. Discus: 1kg -

  2. Discus: 2kg -

North America

  1. Discus: (All sizes)  

  2. Discus Bag:  or  

  3. Discus Shoes:   or

From the United States

  1. Discus: 1kg:  Discus: 1.5kg:

Europe / UK

  1. Discus: (All sizes):

  2. Shot Put / Discus Shoes:


North America

  1. 400g:  

  2. 400/500/600/700/800g Javelins:  

  3. 800g:  

  4. Javelin Shoes:

From the United States


Javelin: 500g:  

Javelin: 600g:

Javelin 700g:

Javelin 800g:

Europe / UK

All Javelin Sizes: